Hearing Awareness- product Be Kind,Be Clear,I can't hear!

Helping a seemingly invisible disability become visible and get respected.


To spread kindness and understanding

Roughly 2 percent of adults aged 45- 54 and 8.5 percent of adults aged 55-64 have disabling hearing loss, according to the NIDOCD...

12.5 percent of kids and teens between the ages of 6 and 19 have at least some noise-induced hearing loss.

While lack of awareness has been a problem in the past, the tide may be turning... This fun and bright logo lets people know right away that the person is hearing impaired and that they should Be Kind and Be Clear.

Do you or someone you care about fall into this category? Tell us about your experience! We are always striving to create a product for YOU.

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Being Hearing Impaired...

My name is Janka and I have been hearing impaired since childhood. After years of unpleasant and even silly situations arising from my hearing impairment, I have designed a simple logo with a clear message designed to let people know that the person is hearing impaired. It is my goal, my purpose, is for people all over the world to recognize the logo and interact with us in a courtesy and respectful manner.  It tells people that although you may not see our disability, it is there. This logo helps it to be seen and reminds people to speak up... Be Kind and Be Clear!

The truth is that eventually everyone, will end up with some degree of hearing loss, simply as a part of the natural aging process. ALL OF US can benefit form this understanding and this logo

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Therefore, if you see the logo above, please BE KIND, SPEAK CLEAR, SO WE CAN HEAR!

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